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Self-Defense Seminar NYC

Safe And Sound Seminar NYC   Saturday, May 4th 2:00 – 5:00pm 4 West 18th Street 3rd Floor New York, NY 10011 Sound strategies to keep you SAFE! What if you aren’t the type of woman that can easily poke a guy in the eye with your thumb or bite off his ear? Or if... Read More »

Gift Certificates Available!

Gift Certificates are now available here! Read More »

Karatedo Shurenkan – Sensei Miguel Rios

Recently my mind has been stirring. I find myself held hostage to a seemingly endless cascade of thoughts on the nature of Karate and Budo. Sometimes my martial musings deal with the mundane– technique, strategy, applications, etc. These are easy enough to deal with…I pick up a pen and paper and give them form, until... Read More »

Brain Breaks for the Classroom

Brain Breaks for the Classroom: Quick and Easy Breathing and Movement Activities That Help Students Reenergize, Refocus, and Boost Brain Power. Brain Breaks for the Classroom will be available at the Teachers Store on September 1st. Read More »

The Next Generation

The Next Generation

A parent, whose child has been training with us for a couple of years, sent me this essay written by her son as part of his middle school application process. It floored me that I had so much in common with a 10 year old’s training experience. I too have changed a lot and have... Read More »