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Brazilian Ju Jitsu – Spiral Space

Written by Chad Smith Sometimes when I get to roll with Professor, the experience is nothing short of mind blowing. He does what he does, slowly, methodically, relaxed, laughing. But the positions are exotic to my white belt student mind. Position is a terribly inadequate word, implying that what he does is understandable in a... Read More »

WKK World Open Review

Written by Sensei Maria Van Dessel On November 8th, 2008, World Kanreikai Karate held its second Open Full Contact Tournament in Danbury Connecticut.  The event, hosted by Kanreikai founder Hanshi Manny Matias, was a well attended  evening of much excitement. Fighters wore no protective equipment aside from groin and mouth protection – no headgear, shin... Read More »

Knee strengthening

What exercises can I do to strengthen the joints, particularly the knee joints? Full range of motion is ideal for keeping the joint healthy. The knee joint is best described as a  hinge joint, not a ball and socket joint. It bends and straightens. -with a slight rotational torque. I see many people warming up... Read More »

Flexibility in kicks

There is much confusion out in the world surrounding the issue of flexibility. Contrary to popular understanding, stretching alone does not create flexibility, nor is hyper-flexibility a desirable state, no matter how good it may look to those of us made of less rubbery stuff. Leg stretching exercises should be performed with proper support and... Read More »

What is your next move? Consult your reflexes

Soshu Shigeru Oyama said to me after my first full contact competition, “beginner fights like baby; all grabbing. He can’t help it.” How right he was. A baby’s first movements are primitive reflexes that can also be recognized as foundational movements that support good fighting postures and skills. Some of these reflexes and their karate... Read More »