Learn to fight like Sherlock Holmes! London’s Bartitsu Club was all the rage in 1899, but only recently has this lost martial art been rediscovered. Learn the “gentlemanly art of self-defense” at our seminars and monthly training sessions.

  • No martial arts experience required
  • Suitable for all fitness levels
  • Learn to use a walking stick, parasol, jacket, and other accessories for protection
  • A study in self-defense and in history  

The Club meets once a month for three hours of Bartitsu training consisting of Vigny cane, savate, ‘scientific’ pugilism/fisticuffs, and Ju Jutsu.

Curriculum includes canonical Bartitsu from turn-of-the-century instructional articles published by Bartitsu’s founder, Edward William Barton-Wright, as well historic and antique training manuals of the era. Neo-Bartitsu is also explored.

Monthly Club training sessions and official meetings are led by our elected curriculum leader Jesse Barnick, who has been training in various martial arts since 1986 and teaching since 1996. Historical combat expert Professor Mark P. Donnelly, whose July 2011 Bartitsu seminars in New York City helped to launch the group, has kindly agreed to advise us via e-mail, telephone, and Skype, and visits regularly to teach weekend Bartitsu seminars in the city.

To join our study in self-defense and history, you may simply come to our next seminar, training session, or other event. For more information, contact bartitsu@nycsteampunk.com. Read about us in the media, and find us on Facebook at facebook.com/nycbartitsu

Professor Donnelly and the Bartitsu Club of NYC on the cover of the Wall Street Journal.