Tony Ortiz 

Tony’s boxing class at SFMAI is a combination of good boxing basics with stamina and conditioning training and incorporates exercises designed to build whole body strength, agility, coordination and endurance.

For 30 years Tony has learned and explored several forms of martial arts. In 1999 he started a career in personal training and group fitness instructor for clubs through out NYC.


Sensei David is a 3rd degree Black Belt at Ken Wa Kan Dojo. He began his study of karate in 1994 under Soshu Shigeru Oyama at World Oyama Headquarters in New York City and received his Black Belt. He continued his training until Soshu retired in 2004.

Emboldened by the need to learn and grow he began his study with Shihan Michelle Gay. After a few years of study, she asked him to begin teaching, and with that he truly began to learn. Sensei David has also been studying with Shihan Hal Lehrman for the last 10 years at Aikido of Park Slope.

One of Sensei David’s main goals remains to empower the student by helping them reach their highest potentials.