Consider Your Organs

Written by Bob Martial During New Year’s Training — at World Kanreikai Headquarters — a young blue belt delivered a devastating knee kick to my liver. “Shake it off!” Shihan Jose yelled. “Don’t let a 12 year old beat you up!” Instead of getting up, I cried. A healthy buck, I had never considered any... Read More »

Woman Falls Short Of 100 Karate Fights, But Still Proud

Woman Falls Short Of 100 Karate Fights, But Still Proud

Written by Ruschell West, NY 1 NEWS Saturday was an historic day for Sensei Michelle Gay, even though she didn’t make history as the first woman to fight 100 karate opponents consecutively. Gay had completed 61 fights and was on her 62nd opponent when severe leg cramps caused her to call it quits. Nonetheless, she... Read More »

Promotion day reflects months of emotional, physical change

Written by Maria Van Dessel Every three months, they come around again. They are eagerly anticipated by some, dreaded by others, ignored by some, taken in stride by others. Afterwards, some people find themselves changed; others find that not much is different. I am speaking of promotion tests. Kanreikai Karate tests for promotion in rank... Read More »

The Revelatory Experience

At the senior student meeting on Sunday we discussed ways to get more adult students into the dojo. Since the children’s program ends at the end of the school year, our dojo space is under utilized in the summer months. What a great opportunity to spread the benefit of Martial arts training among adults. Many... Read More »

Tai Chi and Me

I began my martial arts training when I was 18 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan at a Tae Kwon Do Dojang in a steamy basement of an old warehouse soon to be demolished. I was a slothful youth in a community where those who had “athletic talent’ were encouraged and given resources. Resources came from the blood... Read More »