Safe and Sound Self-Defense

Safe and Sound SELF-DEFENSE

Instructor: Sensei David Adams (3nd degree black belt)

Sensei David Adams began his study of karate in 1994 under the tutelage of Grandmaster Soshu Shigeru Oyama (10th degree) at World Oyama Headquarters in New York City, where he received his Black Belt. He continued his training with one of Soshu’s students – Shihan Michelle Gay (​5​th degree) – and obtained his third degree. He is a founding member and senior instructor at Karate-Do Kenwakan, where he regularly teaches classes for children and adults. He also instructs at PS 11 as part of the after school program.

Sensei David has been practicing Aikido for over a decade at Hal Lehrman Shihan’s dojo (7th Dan) and strives to integrate the principles of this art in everything he does. He has been invited to teach self defense seminars in Lisbon, Portugal.​ He co-teaches the Safe and Sound Self Defense Seminar with Shihan Michelle Gay as a regular part of the International Student Visa Program at Broadway Dance Center.

Basic Self-Defense is a 10-Class program. Participants learn how to protect their physical integrity, considering situation, participants’ physical abilities and their mental states.

Over the course of 10 classes we will focus on:
1. Expanding danger perception to avoid potential conflict
2. Options available under given circumstances
3. Physical techniques
4. Role-playing (with “attacker” and “victim” in different circumstances)

Each class offers opportunities for learning defense possibilities in specific scenarios  (attacks from behind, chokes, hair grabs, ground fighting, knife defense, etc).

The 10-Week Self-Defense Course

Single Class-$25 (drop in)
10 Class Course & Safe and Sound Seminar $249 (save $50)
Safe and Sound Workshop Only-$50/$25for students with valid ID
10 Class Course: $225