Tai Chi – Yang Style

This class is ideal for beginner practitioners interested in developing strength, grace and peace of mind in a relaxed and focused environment.

Instructor: Joe Gordon
I first encountered Tai Chi in 1998, when I saw my teacher leading some of her students in the movements of Chin Strike, Pull Back, Chest Strike, and Push. I was immediately hooked by the idea that power, grace, and balance were possible out of studying Tai Chi.

Before I studied Tai Chi, I was awkward – walking into things, tripping – and I had poor posture and was afraid of physical confrontation. Tai Chi has allowed me to be grounded, graceful, peaceful, powerful without being forceful, and has made me a better dancer. I am healthier, happier, and more productive at work than I was before.

My martial arts experience began when I followed in my younger brother’s footsteps to take karate classes after school. I practiced the Korean style Tang Soo Do, which taught me how to kick, and Jiu-Jitsu, which exposed me to grappling, seizing and throwing. In Philadelphia, I met my master, Harriet Laurin, a student of the late Grandmaster Steven L Sun of Havertown, Pennsylvania. Since 1998 I have studied the Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan as a complete martial art, including forms, martial applications, Qigong exercises, weapons, and theory. I have also cross-trained in Southern Shaolin Kung Fu.

My tournament competition experience includes A Taste of China, Virginia, Siu Lum Championships, Pennsylvania, and tournaments in Maryland and New Jersey. I have competed in Tai Chi form, weapons form, and push-hands, as well as Kung Fu weapons form and sparring.