Tai Chi- Yang Style

Instructor: Sensei Robert Gay

This class is ideal for beginner practitioners interested in developing strength, grace and peace of mind in a relaxed and focused environment.

Sensei Robert Gay , Sandan (Third Degree Black Belt) began training in full contact karate at World Oyama Karate HQ in 1995 and earned a black belt in 1999. He has been closely involved with Karate-Do Ken Wa Kan since the inception of the school in 2011 and is the Chairman of the Society for Martial Arts Instruction.

Sensei Bob also trained Tai Chi ,Yang Style/Long Form with the late Grandmaster Cheng Hsiang Yu and now teaches Tai Chi at SFMAI.

The combinations of the precise and measured movements of Tai Chi and the strong, purposeful movement of Karate have given Sensei Bob and appreciation of the importance of correct form.

The words of his teacher, Master Yu, “Must be very correct” echo through Sensei Bob’s practice and represents the foundation of his teaching philosophy. Sensei Bob is also a satistician, financial analyst and Registered Investment Advisor.

He has managed an independent corporate accounting data service called GEARS since 1999.