Hiko Ryu Taijutsu

Hiko Ryu TaiJutsu

Hiko Ryu Taijutsu

Tuesdays 8:30-9:30pm

Realistic Self-Defense System/Modern Japanese Jiu Jitsu
Instructor: Shihan Kyoshi Takeuchi
Hiko Ryu Taijutsu: Shihan Black belt
Fuji Ryu Taijutsu: Shihan Black belt
Kyokushin Karate: Black belt
Kodokan Judo: Black belt
Nakamura Ryu Batto-do: 1st dan


Class Description

Hiko Ryu Taijutsu is a combination of techniques from traditional and modern Japanese martial arts to create a practical self-defense system. This system was taught to the Narcotics Suppression Bureau of the Royal Thai Police, the Philippine National Police SAT, the Dalai Lama’s security guards and others.

Our system is simple. We have designed it so that it is easy to learn for both men and women of all ages and physical abilities, even if you don’t have any previous martial arts experience.

Beginner class

Focus on building strength and shaping and conditioning your body to prepare you for the rigors of the intermediate/advanced class. You will practice zen meditation, breakfalls, punches, kicks, blocks, take-down techniques, ground techniques and self-defense techniques to familiarize yourself with the more advanced techniques.

Intermediate/advanced class

Focus on real fighting situations. You will learn techniques that will work in real-life altercations. We will prepare you to defend yourself against a much larger opponent, multiple attackers, chokes and grabs, and various weapons: guns, knives, bats, etc. You also learn to tap your fighting spirit to help you deal with the stress and shock of a sudden violent encounter. Hiko Ryu Taijutsu promotes and teaches self-defense, self-control, confidence, humility, diligence and a quest for knowledge.

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